The Vision:

This collaborative performance event is seeking to have children’s voices inspire peaceful, healthier, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable communities. Through the JARDIN project several creative global communities will dialogue and create together, setting an example of productive collaboration across fields, generating a sense of engagement and responsibility for the collective well-­being of humanity, emphasizing the significance of the city -­ in the lives of its inhabitants and visitors.

We envision the work to be an appeal for global peace as expressed through the eyes and ears of children. The children will engage in discussions centering on world peace. These ideas will be transmitted and received through the internet as online conversations. These conversations may be in song, in verse, stories and monologue. Once these focused presentations have been recorded, they will be processed electronically and set into music throughout the performance and expressed in sound installations throughout site specific locations.

The Performance:

Garden of Enchanted Children (Jardin D’Enfants Enchantés) will be an immersive interactive performance installation created by an international team of contemporary artists brought together to create a mandala of interconnected metaphors that will express the power of art as a force for global peace. As the voices of children, clamoring for world peace bloom and burst forth from artistic installations, it is enhanced by world dancers and musicians in their unique forms, even as it is captured as a unified sculpture on solid rock that stays in the park as a constant reminder of the yearning of the children for a better world. This large format installation takes the work of sculptor Ken Hiratsuka, whose life work has been to carve one continuous line in stone around the world -­ as a symbol of human communication through the universal language of the arts.

The performance is divided into three parts, based on Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol by Sri Aurobindo.
(http://savitrithepoem.com/; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savitri:_A_Legend_and_a_Symbol)

Garden of Enchanted Children (Jardin D’Enfants Enchantés) will create bridges among people through transnational dances created by internationally renowned choreographers from the US (Gloria Mclean), India (Mallika Sarabhai), and Brazil (Regina Miranda), trace paths on the surface of the Earth through real-­time stone carving by Ken Hiratsuka, and gain the aerial space through the music environment created by composers Liz Phillips and Joel Thome, recorded and also performed live.

Driven by the belief that art can transcend barriers of language and nationality, this site-­specific work will assume different shapes in different countries and environments, incorporating local cultural movements, events, and icons, then bringing them back to NYC, as a city that encompasses great number of world cultures. As artists, we want to blur geographical, social, economic, cultural and political distinctions, to inspire people around the world to become more conscious of nature and of our common humanity, and hope that those attending Jardin D’Enfants Enchantés will discover new aspects of life and engage in deeper levels of experience, becoming aware that, after all, we are all one.

The series of events will first take place in Auroville, India in February 2018, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that city. The initial site will serve as a prototype, and the organizers will subsequently bring the GARDEN performance to Rio de Janeiro, in August 2018;; Malta in September, 2018 and culminate in New York City in late October 2018. Other performance cities, in Japan and Italy may be added to the itinerary.